Message Of Love Ministries

4-1-2018 – Pastor Jeff Johnson

3-28-2018 – Rev. Jeff Nichols

3-25-2018 – Pastor Frankie Sneed

3-25-2018 – Pastor Jeff Johnson

3-21-18 – Rev. Art Sneed, Sr

3-18-18 – Pastor Jeff Johnson

3-18-2018 – Sister Betty Jo Eustace

3-7-2018 – Rev. Melissa Flood

Message of Love

Message Of Love is a small church with a big heart. We are a Full Gospel Church Believing the whole Bible. We are also an outreach church supporting foreign missions, Foodbank ministry, and social media! We are a loving church with anointed music and preaching! Pastor Jeff Johnson and Pastor Frankie Sneed welcome you to come and worship with us! God Bless!